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Technical Consultants and experts Group Inc.

Operating As TCE Group Inc. is a registered consulting firm with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) registration #000037.

TCE Group Inc.

TCE Group Inc. is a private firm of consultants founded in 1992, whose original and major specialisation has been in variety of expertise in the fields of Engineering, Finance, Banking and International Consulting. 

Our principals are highly skilled professionals drawn from international banking, finance and engineering. Each of our senior partners has more than twenty-eight years experience of working in the financial sector, including major banks and consultancy firms. All our principals possess a wide-ranging experience in mature as well as developing markets, which are in a state of transition. They has worked extensively with both public sector agencies and private sector clients, and have consequently a particularly strong understanding of issues which arise at the public-private interface.

Operational experience

Our senior staff contributes the practical knowledge and judgements gained from management positions in banking and industry as well as from advisory functions. We associate with selected firms specialising in operations management, systems planning and financial auditing of financial sectors and their institutions. In addition, TCE Group Inc. provides senior, international staff to work directly on our assignments in contrast to many other firms, so that we mobilise a high level of professional expertise and a broad understanding of banking and finance.

Geographic scope

Our senior staff has long experience of working in a wide range of economic environments and we are particularly familiar with evolving developments in emerging markets.

Public-private sector interface

As we have worked extensively for both private businesses and government agencies, we are well placed to operate at the interface between the private and public sectors, which is critical in economies in the process of structural change.

Practical end-products

To provide results, which are of maximum value to our clients, we focus our attention on the practicality of our recommendations by evaluating whether the resources are available, the environment receptive and the timetable realistic.

Personal commitment

To maintain a continuous commitment to the quality of our advice, the same TCE Group Inc. partner who negotiates an assignment personally manages the work.

270 Esna Park Drive, Unit 15 
Markham, Ont. L3R 1H3

Phone: + 1 (905) 948-9388
Fax: + 1 (905) 948-0465